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the_source the_source is a video podcast (vidcast? netcast?) concerned mostly with open source. The show is of high quality and they pride themselves with only using open source software to produce it (they use Cinelerra, now renamed Lumiera which seems to a very nice non-linear video editor for Linux).

Their episodes are high quality, and even if some (read: me :-)) might complain that there are to many  audio/video effects, it is just a matter of taste. There are only ~8 episodes out there, so you can go back and watch them all :-). Some interesting episodes I really liked are the interview with Jon "Maddog" Hall and Revenge Of Cinelerra.

You can find a complete list of episodes in different formats here. This also includes streaming Vimeo, so you can watch it in your browser, without having to download it.

Disclaimer: the review is a personal opinion and I do not have any relationship (business or otherwise) with the authors of the show (other than the occasional comments on their blog).

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