Weather Brains

2445841592_acb0333bf7_oWeather Brains is an excellent podcast if you are even remotely interested in weather. Released weekly, it is a hour or so of fun and information. There are multiple hosts (always a plus, it is very hard for a single host to keep an interesting tone) and a professional voice quality (which is not a surprise, given that they have broadcast experience and more than 160 shows under their belt). From time to time they also do more topical podcasts, like episode 161, which is a debate about global warming.

A minor negative aspect is the complexity of sending feedback: to leave a comment on their blog, you must first register, but I never got the confirmation mail. They also have an email address (and a voicemail number) which is mentioned at the end of each blogpost (just search for “email” in their show notes).

Also, currently it seems that their blog has been modified by an unauthorized third party, which inserted links in the feed to a site (which again, is an innocent, modified site) which redirects to a pharmaceutical site. I notified both parties and hopefully this will be fixed shortly.

Below you can listen to a (very funny) promo Leo Laporte did for them (if you can’t see the embedded player, download the mp3 here):

In conclusion – if you are interested in weather, give it a listen.

Picture taken from Katya Trischuk’s photostream with permission.


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