Intelligent blog-spam?

Not long ago I received a very on-topic comment on my Weird RVRD issue explained. I started to research it, and even formulate an answer. However, I was somewhat suspicious because of the asymmetry between the username (“web development Dubai”) and the question (which was anything but web development related). So I did a little searching around and it turns out that they copied the question from an ITToolbox topic.

It is surprising to what kind of effort spammers go to get their links. I would also be curious to know if they used automatic or manual methods to come up with the comment text…

PS. A word of caution to my fellow bloggers: if the poster’s URL looks suspicious, but the text of the comment/question seems legitimate, try doing a search on it, to see if it was lifted from an other site.

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  1. Thanks for that. It might explain one or two blog comments I've seen recently. If the URL is odd but the comment seems legit, I do sometimes quote it in a follow-up blog rather than approve it.

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