Selling my soul^H^H^H^H pagerank

As you might have seen, I’ve published two reviews on my blog for various companies. These reviews were paid for by the respective companies trough ReviewMe. It seems like a good way to make a couple of bucks and it was recommended by a fellow blogger. What I like about their policy is that (a) I get to pick and choose the topics I write about (from the companies which wish to be present on my blog of course) and (b) I am not obligated to write a positive review.

Of course there is no reason for these reviews to appear in the feed, since the probability that they would be relevant for my core readership is low. So effective immediately, using the magic of Yahoo Pipes and Feedburner, these posts won’t appear in the feed. Yet an other reason to subscribe to the feed.

PS. I will always disclose possible conflicts of interests (like being compensated) in the given blogposts, so if you don’t see any disclaimer on a given post, it means that there is no conflict of interest there.

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2 responses to “Selling my soul^H^H^H^H pagerank”

  1. I would suggest you to provide two feeds. One with paid reviews (all posts) and one without them.
    I follow your blog, via google reader, but I would also like to read your reviews.

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