Watch out for those reviews…

154117109_1aee1dcb5b_o Recently I was buying a notebook HDD, and after considering a Samsung SpinPoint model, I’ve looked around the net to see if there were any known issues with the model. So I stumbled upon this page and my blood ran cold. Quote:

One of the most common problems Samsung SpinPoint hard drives experience is burnt cuircuit board(PCB).

Samsung hard drives could also suffer from firmware problems.

Another quite common symptom Samsung drives experience is clicking/knocking sound.

There is one more problem that is typical for all hard drives and Samsung drives particularly: bad sectors.

Is this drive really of such poor quality? Does it really have all these problems? But then I started looking around on their site at they seem to have the same or very similar text for every type of HDD out there. The conclusion: they (Data Cent) are just trying to spam Google and I’m inclined to believe that most of their advice isn’t founded on facts, but rather on a randomized text generator. I for one encourage people not to take their business to such a company.

PS. All the links to them are nofollow, so I’m not giving them any Google love.

Picture taken from barnoid’s photostream with permission.

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  1. At least they have a disclaimer on top stating that their info are solely based on their experience. But its highly unlikely that every type of HDD out there encounters the same problems.

    The question now is, did you buy the Samsung?

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