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  • A fresh start with… WordPress 🙂

    In 2016 I wrote A fresh start with Pelican. And now, 6 years later I’m writing this. Lots has changed since then and lots has stayed the same. It still fills me with joy writing texts that may be useful to somebody. So, what’s to like about WordPress? For one, it can do blogs (and […]

  • An interesting proof for Pythagoras’s theorem

  • Finding the N-th word in a complete dictionary

  • The limits of science

  • A fresh start with Pelican

    Here we are in 2016, trying to start blogging again. Using Pelican is more complicate than it needs to be :-(.

  • On benchmarks

    Numbers every programmer should know and their impact on benchmarks Disclaimer: I don’t mean to be picking on the particular organizations / projects / people who I’ll mention below. They are just examples of a larger trend I observed. Sometimes (most of the times?) we forget just how powerful the machines in our pockets / […]

  • Proxying pypi / npm / etc for fun and profit!

    Package managers for source code (like pypi, npm, nuget, maven, gems, etc) are great! We should all use them. But what happens if the central repository goes down? Suddenly all your continious builds / deploys fail for no reason. Here is a way to prevent that: Configure Apache as a caching proxy fronting these services. […]

  • Programming advent calendars for 2013

    Programming advent calendars are posts/articles for a particular topic posted daily between the 1st and 24th of December. They are modeled on the advent calendars received by children on some countries which contain 24 doors for the 24 days of advent and behind each door is a piece of chocolate or other surprise which the […]

  • Cleaning up Google AppEngine Mapreduce Jobs

    Do you use the Google MapReduce library on AppEngine? And do you have a lot of completed tasks which clutter your dashboard? Use the JS below by pasting it into your developer console to clean them up! (use it at your own risk, no warranty is provided :-)) schedule = function() { window.setTimeout(function() { var […]

  • Capturing your screen on Ubuntu – with sound

    Today I have a short script which I cobbled together from Google searches to do screen captures / screen casts with Ubuntu (including audio in so that you can narrate what is going on): #!/bin/bash Xaxis=$(xrandr -q | grep ‘*’ | uniq | awk ‘{print $1}’ | cut -d ‘x’ -f1) Yaxis=$(xrandr -q | grep […]