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  • Unshortifying Cisco “Go” links

    Inspired by a post on the blog – Cisco "Go" links reference in the wiki – I tried to mine the short links to come up with the “definitive” list, but after running it for a couple of days, it only managed to find 473 links, compared to the 4720 Google estimates it has […]

  • A new security provider

    I found out about Dasient via the presentation they did at Google (which you can see embedded below). Their angle seems to be (although this probably will change – them being a young company) that: we check your rating at Google / McAfee / Symantec and if they say that you are bad, we will […]

  • The right way to embed

    I occasionally rant about “web 2.0” services which want me to embed Javascript on my page to get the functionality. Besides them being a security risk (because they can change the JS on their servers at any time and p0wn all my visitors – and it doesn’t have to be malice on their part – […]

  • Adding a world clock to your blog

    Quite some time ago I’ve written a post about how to create a clock which shows the blog author’s time zone. The intention was to make relative temporal references (like “tomorrow”, “yesterday”, “within the last hour”, etc) more relevant to readers from different timezones. While the method worked perfectly, it did require you to have […]

  • Blogger tag cloud

    Some time ago I experimented with the Cumulus plugin for Blogger, but concluded that I had so many tags (probably a sign of ADD :-)) that the only thing it did, was to transform your computer into a heater, by keeping the processor at 100%. So, I created a Yahoo Pipe which extracts the top […]

  • Walking with objects

    Some time ago I’ve read David Wheeler’s blogpost about using the OBJECT tag to embed HTML in your HTML :-). One of the things which peaked my interest was the question: what are the security implications of using this method? Specifically I was interested if the same cross-domain / same-policy rules applied to interaction between […]

  • Blogger tag plugin

    I wanted to install the the Cumulus plugin for Blogger, however I realized that I have too many tags :-), so here is a static snapshot instead. Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani Update: reduced the number of tags to avoid hogging the CPU. Update: the server hosting the javascript / flash files went […]

  • Update to the Top Commenters widget

    Some time ago I created a "Top Commenters" widget for Blogger using Yahoo Pipes. Unfortunately my efforts to use the resulting RSS directly failed. The problem was that Blogger was displaying older entries, even though I tried a bunch of different things to convince it that the element were new (like setting the date, adding […]

  • Making sure that your favicon works with Blogger

    My favicon stopped showing up some time ago on my blogger page, but until now I was just too lazy to investigate. Turns out that blogger adds the following line in the header: <link href=’’ rel=’icon’ type=’image/’/> Which overrides my favicon setting. The solution? Put your favicon declaration after the following line in your template: […]

  • Humane markup language

    I’m always searching for methods to make my blog postings better. And by better I mean: Easier to write. This means both speed (because I already spend quite a lot of time with different side-projects) and less formatting-cruft to add (so that I can concentrate on the actual content) Offer useful features to the readers […]