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  • Creating optimal queries for databases

    Although I’m a big PostgreSQL supporter, I started out as a MySQL user and still use MySQL daily, so I listen to the OurSQL podcast. In the latest episode (number 22) the topic was Things To Avoid With MySQL Queries. While I picked up a few tips from it (and most of the things mentioned […]

  • As one podcast goes away an other one starts

    I’m Cd-MaN and I’m a podcast addict 🙂 I listen to many podcasts, most of them related to technology, but the Linux podcasts have always had a special part on my mp3 player, because I’m a beginner with Linux and I want to learn as much as possible about it. So here are the Linux […]

  • FiT Search Engine

    I started playing with the Google Custom Search Engine and I created a search engine for one of my favorite podcasting / blogging group: FiT. Try it out below: Google Custom Search Or consume it in a custom format: Link to the Google page Add it to your google page: Hope I didn’t leave out […]

  • An (almost) Christmas present

    Hello all! After listening to the latest episode of the Hanselminutes podcast (Life Hacks with Gina Trapani), I thought I make a little gift for all of you Hanselminutes friends (a great podcast by the way – if you didn’t listen to it, you should try it): a bookmarklet to highlight certain keywords on the […]

  • Things I read / listen to – part2

    While going through the motions of checking for new items on Google Reader, I realized that many great blogs / podcasts were left out from the last list I published. For example Casting from the server room which is a (great) podcast similar to In The Trenches (and not surprisingly they are both members of […]

  • Things I read / listen to

    After getting mentioned on a great security/forensics blog, I thought I list of the feeds I watch. This is not a comprehensive list (I have at least twice as much in my Google Reader), but these are the ones with which I try to keep up: – Off the hook radio show. While sometimes […]

  • Hack the Gibson – Episode #62 – sort of

    How to have your cake and eat it too? Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I’m just swamped at work and I also have to buy books from time to time. However I can say that I have several javascript and perl goodies prepared and soon I’ll post them The recent show was […]