FiT Search Engine

I started playing with the Google Custom Search Engine and I created a search engine for one of my favorite podcasting / blogging group: FiT. Try it out below:

Google Custom Search

Or consume it in a custom format:

Link to the Google page

Add it to your google page: Add to Google

Hope I didn’t leave out any sites.

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2 responses to “FiT Search Engine”

  1. FiT stands for FriendsInTech. From their website (

    Friends in Tech is an oxymoronic group of podcasters and bloggers — that is, we are a loose, but tight-knit alliance — individual, but still a group. Each of the members focus on the technology and technology issues that interest them most, including IT, computers, networking and more. We are also friends — as much as the geographic distances allow, hence the name. Each member produces his or her own show or blog, yet we each attempt to help fellow members however we can.

    Collectively, we each bring with us certain special talents and contributions that we volunteer to the group. There are no “assigned” roles or positions — the only requirement being the desire to actively participate within the group in some fashion.

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